Monday, December 31, 2007

Riverview and Redwood Nature Trails

Happy New Year! I completely lost track of the date. I couldn't believe it when I looked at the clock/calendar and discovered that it was New Year's Eve. The place we are staying seems to be the local "strip" and we have traffic going by all day long. We're not sure what these folks are doing, but they seem to just drive by checking out the surf and then drive on. We figure they must be trolling for surfer dudes, because this is a big surfer dude hang-out. We've enjoyed watching them through our living room window.
Today we hiked the Riverview and Redwood Nature Trails within Alfred E. Loeb State Park, here in Brookings. Very nice. We learned of these hikes in a book we've used many times. For a book of great hikes in Oregon, check out this link:
We've used this book many times, and it has never disappointed us. This hike took us through a forest where we could see Myrtlewood trees and Coastal Redwoods. It turns out Myrtlewood trees are in the same family with Bay, Laurel, Cinnamon, and Sassafras trees. We picked some leaves and broke them in half. They gave off the most heavenly fragrance of camphor--sort of sweet and earthy at the same time. While the book told us about the various trees we would see, it didn't tell us about the fast moving waterfall that we crossed over many times via wooden footbridges. It was a good hike to start out on. Not too difficult. We are both testing out what our knees can tolerate, and this seemed a good level. While the book rated it "easy," we both agreed that it was more "moderate." On the other hand, maybe it was our knees that told us the difficulty of the hike. In any event, we enjoyed ourselves, and we were treated to something we hadn't seen before in the Myrtlewood trees.
Tomorrow we'll head on and stop in the campground we found in Redwood National Park. We've enjoyed this spot, but there is an awful lot of traffic going by during the day. George and Gracie haven't appreciated all the people walking by, the cars, and especially the dogs. The place we're heading is fairly remote. There was one motorhome there on Sunday, but we figure we will have the place to ourselves now that the work week is returning. We're hoping we will see some of the Roosevelt Elk that are rumored to hang out in the meadow across from the campground. Im hoping I'll get a chance to try out my new long lens.
We may be out of cell phone reach, which means we won't have an internet connection. If that's the case, we'll check back in a few days. In the meantime, have a safe and and enjoyable new year celebration.


felix's dad said...

The traffic you are encountering around your campsite is NOTHING like a Walmart parking lot. Try it and see! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom, its Erik. Great pictures, Im glad u guys are having fun. Talk 2 u soon.