Friday, December 28, 2007

Still here . . .

It seems the snow has stopped, but we didn't get enough rain to clear the roads. We had about 10 inches before all was said and done. While we were promised a higher snow level (400 feet above us), the snow that fell still remains. As I write this Tractorman is out plowing the road so we can get out. The place that concerns us most is the dipsy-doodle on our shared driveway. Many a car and pick-up truck has slid off into the ditch at that spot, including my old Jeep Grand Cherokee. The idea of towing a 35-foot long, 14-foot tall fifth wheel trailer over that spot is more than a little bit terrifying! So, the temperature has risen, and we expect the snow will continue to melt today. If Mike plows the road, we should find only slush at that spot. However, if it happens at all, it looks like it will be late in the day before we can be on our way. We may get only as far as the nearest RV park, but we will be down below the snow level. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

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