Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day of Rest

Today we are going to hang out and rest. We've had company the past several days, which was our reason for coming to Hemet. This will be our last day here. I'm expecting a FedEx delivery of some photography newsletters written by a guy who travels around and scopes out the best photography points for various places, many of which we are planning to visit. I tried to get them before we left, but the guy was leaving for Hawaii and wasn't able to give me overnight deliver. This is the first place we've been long enough (and on weekdays) to receive a FedEx delivery. I'm excited about this because I was beginning to lose hope that we'd be able to receive them anywhere. I let the office know it was coming and asked them to accept delivery. They were a little weird about it, but in the end agreed to do so. I'll go over and remind them again, just in case.

We need to get some groceries and pharmaceutical-type stuff, and aside from that we're hanging out by the pool. As I'm writing I can hear the volleyball game going on, but that should be over in about 10 minutes. Our friend, Ron, stopped by with some maps from AAA, which we are very thankful for. He and Mike are still jabber-jawing, and after that we'll probably do our shopping. We went to see Charlie Wilson's War last night, which was a very good movie. We can recommend it. It's about the USA's covert war against the Soviet Union when they invaded Afghanistan back in the last 70's and early 80's. Charlie Wilson played a very large part (and an unknown part) in bringing down the Soviet Union. Very interesting to know all of this was going on and how he was able to bring the various factions together--and, what a character! Tom Hanks did a great job. Julia Roberts stars also.

Tomorrow we leave for Joshua Tree NP, which is only a few hours away, due east. More then. Take care all.

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