Monday, January 14, 2008

Hemet Date Palms

After spending hours trying to upload my Death Valley web album, I gave up in disgust and went to the pool. I haven't been able to swim since before my first hand surgery back in November. I swam a few laps, sat in the hot tub, and sat in the sun. It was all heavenly. I'm such a water person that when I've missed it for so long, I feel as if I'm moving through satin. Ahhhhhhhh.

After that, I came back and gave the web album another try, and it worked! I was so excited that I created another to show you the beautiful date palms in Hemet. They are pregnant with dates and some have even fallen on the ground. If I were a date lover, I'd be in date heaven. But culinary preferences aside, I think they are very beautiful, and so I created another web album to show you.

I'm sort of learning as I go with this blog thing, and so now I'm thinking the web albums might be a better way to go than posting the pictures directly on the blog. I'll give you the link each time as each album has a different link. Be sure to check out the Death Valley album in the next post, and enjoy!

By the way, I'm wearing my sandals today. Mike told me to be careful not to get too wild.


felix's dad said...

Wait! Dates grow on trees??? I need to quit trying to get them off the Internet!

Barbara said...

This is the saddest statement I've ever seen.

felix's dad said...

Just kidding Barb! ;-)

Barbara said...

I know . . . me too!