Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lady Bird Johnson Grove

For a half-hour today, the redwoods replaced Vietnam, the moon, and the bomb as the focus of that vast, powerful thing called The Presidency . . . The event: President Nixon’s combined birthday party for former President Johnson and dedication of a grove to Lady Bird Johnson.” ~Don Carlton, reporter for The Times Standard, August 1969

I was in the 9th grade when those words were written, and I don’t remember when this happened. But there were a number of quotes and pictures of Lady Bird Johnson, whose “First Lady Platform” included highway beautification. To quote her: “Left to exist as it is, in its own seasonal rhythms and cycles, the wild land is truly an incalculable resource.” Lady Bird Johnson from Memories of the Wilderness. Does anybody remember her real name?

We hiked the Lady Bird Johnson Grove trail this morning. We didn’t think the trees on this trail were any more impressive than the Oregon Coastal Redwoods in terms of their size, but they were impressive by their sheer numbers. We also got a good look at the burls that help them reproduce and some of the hollowed out trees that have been burned repeatedly by fire and continue to live. It was a pleasant, flat, one-mile hike.

On our way there, we noticed some deer in the meadow where we have seen the bull elk. Upon looking further, we noticed that there were elk lying in the meadow so that only their antlers were visible above the brush. Pretty cool! Check out the pictures. It was a unique view of them and I couldn’t resist taking dozens of shots.

Things are going well so far. No mechanical problems and the trailer is very comfortable. We’ve had good fortune with the weather here, which ordinarily is very rainy this time of year. We’ve had sunshine and clouds, but no rain while we’ve been here. Tomorrow we will move on through Eureka and down toward San Francisco. The plan at this point is to follow Hwy 101 down until we reach California Hwy 1 which will take us to San Simeon. We’ve both seen Tour #1 of the Hearst Castle, and we’d like to see the remaining two tours that will take us through the remainder of the structure. I am dying to see the kitchen. We hope all goes well with all of you. Take care.

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