Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mosaic Canyon

Sorry these next blogs are published out of order. As you read these blogs about Death Valley, you are reading them in the reverse order of when they happened. And THEN at the end, I published a blog about Hemet California. That one should have been posted first because we are here now. I haven't been able to publish my blogs for the past four days, and so I apologize for all this reading. Don't read it if you don't want to! But I wanted to explain this out-of-order thing. Soon I'll publish a slide show of the pictures from Death Valley--at least I think I will. We'll see if I am successful at that. For now, this is what happened when we hiked Mosaic Canyon--such a fun day.

We hiked the most spectacular canyon today. By the looks of it, it is something big in a flash flood. (I wouldn’t want to be there when water is flowing.) The hike book says that it was formed by a fault in the Tucki Mountain range where four square miles of water drain and scour the sides of the canyon wall. We saw at least half a dozen different layers of sedimentary stuff, some of it polished marble. It involved some scrambling over rocks, but we hiked way back and up into the canyon for about 2.5 miles. There was evidence of moisture from the last flood that probably washed through there during the big rain storm, but only one spot where we saw actual water. Thank you to my walking buddy and good friend, Sue, for getting me into shape for this hike. Lots of fun. It took some planning and looking, but we climbed over all manner of barriers to going farther. We started early in the day, and so we had plenty of time to keep going before we had to turn around and head back out. I took a lot of pictures, which I am going to try to put together in a slide show. If you see it, you’ll know I was successful. Otherwise, I’ll just post individual pictures as I have been doing.

When we got back, we were hungry and tired, and so ate sandwiches and then napped. Mike had some time to repair the electrical connection in the bed of his truck. This got broken as we were trying to get off our snowy mountain. There was a beautiful sunset as the clouds rolled in. This was the first warm day we’ve experienced—where we could be outside without jackets on. We felt so unencumbered! It’s also the first day that the furnace has not run. Things are looking up on the weather front, and from here on, we are heading south—no more back-tracking north.

We have been here four nights, and we’ll pull out tomorrow heading toward Bakersfield. We can probably be in Hemet in a couple of nights where we’ll visit my email pen pal, Lisa, who is living in a new home that I’m dying to see. We’ll also spend some time with Mike’s sister, Meredith, who lives in Fullerton. Our next stop will be Joshua Tree NP and then parts unknown.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the trip is going well.. better pace yourself... Remember, you are retired ! It's wet Here.