Thursday, January 3, 2008

Prairie Creek State Park

We camped in Prairie Creek State Park, which is a part of Redwood National Park. We’re in the Elk Prairie Campground, which is in the middle of the 50-mile stretch of park. Today we’re wanting to hike in the Lady Bird Johnson Grove, which, according to my book is a photography “hot spot.” Cool! I like that! We chose this campground because we hoped to see some of the Roosevelt Elk that hang around in the meadow. The elk must have gotten the word because there was a greeting team of two when we arrived. Their antlers are in full bloom, and they are magnificent. The elk were completely calm about our arrival and comfortable with the other campers that we can see. Those two ate and ate and ate the grass in the meadow and then laid down for a rest for a couple of hours before moving on. We got our bikes down and rode around a little bit. We ventured into the part of the campground that is closed, figuring it was fine to ride our bikes there. I’m sure it was, but nevertheless, we came upon a really huge elk. I forget how the east and west thing works insofar as counting points on their antlers. This guy had 10 points on his pair. So in the west, I think that makes him a five-point elk, while in the east, he is a 10-point elk. If any of you are hunters, I would appreciate your setting me straight on this. He didn’t seem in any mood to move along so we could ride past, and so we decided to give him the right of way. We went the other direction. Later, he wandered into the meadow where we are camped and I was able to get some pictures of him. All-in-all, we saw five yesterday evening. They are all bulls, however, and we are told that the cows are hanging out some place else. We didn’t see any of them.

The ranger came by and we were able to purchase a couple of bundles of fire wood. Mike gave it a mighty effort getting the fire started. The wood was wet, and we didn’t have any Boy Scout juice to give it a push. We ended up standing next to a smoking, smoldering pile. We figure we got our exercise running laps around the fire pit trying to avoid the smoke. Our eyes were burning, and so we thought the rest of us was warm also. Later, even our eyes were cold, and so we went inside.

We’ve seen some more huge redwoods, a giant sequoia and some more myrtlewood trees. So far, it’s been a very enjoyable stay. I’m not able to get internet access here, and so I’m writing this in a word document to be cut and pasted later along with the elk pictures. Oh yes. I started keeping notes of things I wanted to tell you because I’ve realized that after I sit down here, I get a case of writer’s block. And so the one thing I have written down from yesterday is about the “First Chance Liquor Store” we saw after we crossed the border into California. If you turn around and read the other side of the sign as you are leaving California, it says “Last Chance Liquor Store.” Pretty humorous.
Okay, I must stop here and take the cat for a walk. George got out of the trailer for the first time yesterday, and we had quite a time walking.

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felix's dad said...

Hey Mikey! Grab the camera from Barb and take some photos of her too. I like the blog and the photos. Keep 'em coming!