Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tucson, AZ

Hello again--we made it to Tucson just after noon today, and we are so glad we decided to leave Mesa. This place is much smaller and much more user friendly. We have a patio slab right at our front door and a fruit-bearing lemon tree! They have also provided a patio table and chairs for sitting outside. Very nice. Internet is free here, but for whatever reason, we haven't been able to get it to work. It's okay though because we can still use Mike's cell phone. We thought we were using it illegally, and so Mike called to sign up to be legal. As it turns out, they said he was already legal. We still have our doubts about that, but there is now a notation in our file that we were told it was okay. Whatever. But because of that, we need to pay a visit to the local AT&T store to get a different SIM card--3gig?--because it will allow him to receive updates and stuff from AT&T. Aside from that, we seem technologically sound.

There are two pools and two hot tubs here. One pool is striped for lap swimming, which is nice. It's hard to tell where you are in the pool without lane lines, and I do hate bumping into the wall. I can swim end-to-end with one push-off and eight strokes--not too bad in terms of length--I do feel as if I've actually swum somewhere. I don't need to take a breath though and so my neck likes it too. The hot tub is nice. It has three steps down, and then deep. I'm in up to my chest while standing on the bottom, and if I sit on the lowest step, I'm up to my neck. Very nice. The temperature was in the 60's today, which was a little chilly for swimming, but the sky is blue and it is not raining. It's nice to sit by the pool even if I am wrapped up in a towel and sweatshirt. Okay. I'll stop talking about the pool now.

There is a restaurant here and RV sales (in case you tire of the one you rode in on). And there is a Camping World next door, which is our next favorite store after Fred Meyer. (I hope you know I'm kidding about both of those. Actually, my favorite store is Goodwill--no kidding!) In addition to going to AT&T we need to visit a camera shop so I can get a filter and a camera strap for my new camera. Mike wanted some something-or-other from Circuit City--I gave up long ago knowing what any of those things are.

In addition to taking care of business we are going to visit Saguaro National Park, which is on both the east and west ends of the city. I don't think I knew that before today. There is also a museum here about the Sonoran Desert. We went there when we visited Tucson some five years ago or so. That was really wonderful--part zoo, part botanical garden. We were here on a weekend last time and it was very busy. We're hoping a visit during the week will be more peaceful. And there are quite a few other things to see. A mission, which is part Moorish, part Byzantine, and part Spanish influence. Reading about it made it sound like one of the big churches in Europe. There are a few other things we might check out.

Tucson is the home of the University of Arizona and it has the vibrancy of a university town. While we aren't ordinarily too much into museums, there are some interesting ones here. There is an aviation museum that includes a presidential plane and also a Titan missile silo--decommissioned, of course. I can't remember what other ones I was reading about, but I made notes. Of course, I will blog about any sight-seeing we do. For now, we're happy to be in a place we like, and happy to put down roots, even if it is just for the week. Who knows? We may stay longer if we like it enough.

We hope all is going well with everyone back home. Stay warm and dry. Special hugs to Matt, Erik, and Mae. (Don't forget to wear your helmets.)


Lisa said...

I am so proud of myself: From another computer I Googled "Ribbon of Highway" blog and there you were. Just wanted to know you are OK. Glad you're enjoying Tucson and all. Noticed you didn't mention a plan to visit Old Tucson -- good for you! :o)

Barbara said...

No Old Tucson, but there actually are quite a few things here to see. We seem to be living in the low-rent district, lots of windows with bars or boards, but the park is nice. Ran a bunch of errands today--now we just have fun.

Anonymous said...

My Helmet is sercurely unbuckled.


felix's dad said...

Right on Erik! The cat's away...