Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ukiah, California

We’re staying in a pretty seedy park tonight, but it does have electricity! This is always a bonus after we’ve been camping without. We enjoyed our time in Redwood NP, but the laundry piled up. We have a small washer/dryer combination—by that I mean, the washer and the dryer are the same. It washes the clothes, then drains the water, then turns into a dryer. This is quite a boon to our traveling since we’ve always traveled without in the past, but the loads must be very small—say, three shirts and some underwear. So, I’m now trying to get at four loads, but we don’t need all of them right now, fortunately.

Today was wet and rainy. It was raining like the big storm that passed through Portland in early December when everything flooded. The park where we’re staying advertised itself as “internet friendly.” I suppose if you have never met a person, then you’re initial reaction would be one of friendliness. Right? So I figure “internet friendly” means, we don’t have internet, so how can we hate it? Okay. Now I know what that means. One must read between the lines at all times. In case I haven’t made myself clear, the park that advertised itself to be “internet friendly” does not have internet. Hm. Okay. I’m beyond that now. I’d feel better about it if there wasn’t a lake next to the front door, but when you’re traveling in a trailer, these things happen.

We aren’t staying here long. It’s just a place to stop before we head into San Francisco tomorrow. We won’t be staying in San Fran, or even doing any sight-seeing there. Those of you who know us well know that we hate cities. San Francisco is on our way to San Simeon. We’ve been traveling south on Hwy 101 (aka the Redwood Highway) for quite some time now—since we got to Winchester Bay. Tomorrow, we will take the turn off for California Hwy 1, which is a scenic byway that takes us through Monterey, Carmel, and Moro Bay. After we’ve done the tours at San Simeon, we will head east toward Death Valley. So, for not having anything to say, I’ve gone on quite enough. Take care all.

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