Thursday, February 14, 2008

Starting Toward Home

The weather has been less than cooperative since we've been here in Port Aransas. It hasn't been terrible weather, just a little too cool to really enjoy being outdoors. To be comfortable in the trailer for long periods of time, it is essential that we be able to be outdoors. Port Aransas is such a tiny little town--barely surviving, I would guess--that there isn't enough to keep us entertained. The tour books made it sound like more than it is. To find anything other than deep sea fishing tours, one must head all the way into Corpus Christi, which is 30 minutes one way.

After talking it over, we've decided to start heading for home next week rather than staying until March 5th. There are no refunds here, and so we have paid for the entire month whether we want to or not. Live and learn, I guess. It doesn't really matter since the price structure is such that a two-week stay (and two-week pay) add up to approximately the same amount as staying for the month. Mike went in to negotiate about that, but there is no negotiation; so, to make sure that no one uses this spot after we leave (not until the 5th, at least), we will read the electrical meter, and make sure we pay for no more electricity than we have used. We can pull out without any notice, and they won't know whether we're returning or not. They won't be able to rent the space. Two can play this game.

We still want to see the USS Lexington (tomorrow) and the Botanical Gardens (Monday). Then we'll leave on Tuesday and head for Brownsville, which is in the extreme southern tip of Texas. We can always decide to return here and use the rest of our month, or we can head for home traveling right along the Mexican border until we reach Big Bend National Park. We want to spend several days exploring that park, which is very large. As I read it, it will probably be a four-night stay to see the whole thing (or most of it, anyway). Then we will start traveling for home. There are some towns along the way that might make future winter destinations, and we can check those out on the way.

I've been preparing a special Valentine's Day dinner for the two of us tonight. It's the biggest kitchen undertaking I've done since leaving home. Each dish is simple and with just a few ingredients, but it should be festive nonetheless. I miss my kitchen at home, but I'm not sure if it's the kitchen or the cooking that I miss. It's been a nice break from trying new recipes, but I'm feeling a need to get back to it now.

We are still at least a month away from being home, but we will be back a little sooner than we had originally planned. I suppose it's possible that something along the way will capture our attention enough to hold us there, but we aren't anticipating that. I will continue to with my blog entries, and I'll be taking more pictures. Stay tuned. For now, Happy Valentine's Day to all. We will be seeing you again soon.

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