Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"To the Gulf Stream Waters . . ."

We reached Port Aransas, TX, today (pronounced Port uh-RON-zus). We are very happy with the park we selected--very nice--with a boardwalk across the dunes to the beach of the Gulf of Mexico. Port Aransas is located on the northern tip of Mustang Island along the Central Texas Coast across from Corpus Christi and Aransas Bay. It is a barrier island and took its name from the wild horses brought by Spanish explorers. It was inhabited by the Karankawa Indians until the 19th century. First known as Sand Point, the town of Port Aransas was leveled by a hurricane in 1919.

The wind is blowing pretty hard right now, but it is 70 degrees at 5:00 p.m. Not bad. We walked out across the boardwalk onto the beach just to see what it was like. It appears the tide is up, the surf is rough, and the water is brown--don't know why on the color--Mike thinks it's because it's whipped up by the wind. Who knows. It was pleasant despite the wind, and we're told that the wind is unusual.

I have a couple of pictures for you--one is our spot, and the table you see is ours to use. The other is the thermometer on the truck's rearview mirror. It was 88 degrees as we drove down Interstate 37 from Kerrville. I would say more about Corpus Christi and the rest of the area, but I'll wait until we explore those areas. I may not post as often as I have been because we are here for a month and we will mainly be doing the ordinary things of day-to-day living. There are quite a few attractions we'd like to see, and I've also discovered at least two dive shops. For now, I'll leave you with that. Big hug to Erik, Mae, and Matt.


felix's dad said...

What about me Barb??? I want a hug too! And I'll bet Larry would like one as well....

Barbara said...

Oh, sorry, Chuck--how could I have been so cruel?