Friday, March 7, 2008

Barstow, CA

Yes, we have returned to the most boring part of the trip as evidenced by this cultural wonderland we find ourselves in tonight--Barstow. (Yawn.) We are driving long days in our quest to get home as soon as possible. It seems the closer we get, the more we want to be there. So . . . since I don't expect to have anything of interest to tell you, I'm going to make this my last entry. Anything that happens from here on, you can expect to hear from our own lips. Thanks for reading. It's been fun. See you soon. Mike and Barb


Anonymous said...

Wow! You are really zinging along! We are like that too, once we decide to go home. You'll be glad you didn't brave the SD traffic -- it's so awful. This morning on the way to my Dr. appt. in Encinitas, just 5 miles from the freeway offramp the traffic came to a screeching halt. The radio kept reporting on the problem the rest of the day, which was due to TWO traffic collisions. Of course, you might not have been traveling south, but it could have happened on any freeway and there you'd be -- sitting in traffic for hours. We were grateful to get home and we were only gone for a few hours!!! Lisa

felix's dad said...

Hey you guys. Drive safe and get home soon. You need to start working on your garden! :-)

Barbara said...

Lisa--we got into some traffic cutting across from I40 to I5 via Hwy 58 in Bakersfield; but otherwise, no traffic problems. The roads are abominable though. The San Joauquin Valley is beautiful right now. Emerald green grass and the fruit trees are in bloom. We felt bad about all the honeybees that went splat on our windshield though. They need to move the hives to the other side of the grove!

And Chuck--you are so right about the garden. We talked about it several times today, and I've ordered some seeds from a place in Cottage Grove. I figure those Oregon seeds will work best in our short growing season. See you soon. We are in Santa Nella, CA. Nice park, and cheap! In the middle of nowhere. We expect to be home day after tomorrow.

rosaria said...

Thanks for your visit to sixtyfivewhatnow. The best time to visit that part of California is now, for sure.

Kim said...

I love that yawn part of CA! We lived out there forever and recently moved to VA. I never thought I'd miss those parts of CA but I really do :o)

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