Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tucson, AZ (again)

We are spending two nights in Tucson before making our way to Yuma, AZ. I've already mentioned that it is a favorite place of snowbirds. We don't consider ourselves "snowbirds," rather, we believe we would fall under the category of "rainbirds," and I'm not talking about the sprinkler. I suppose we will fit in with the snowbirds anyway.

Mike has not wanted to make the trip home a "death march," and so we are alternating driving days with staying-in-one-place days. It makes it a little easier. I did a little driving when we were on our way to Big Bend, but if the highway has more than about three other cars on it, I'm still timid about driving. This means that Mike does 99% of the driving. We will probably spend a few extra days in Yuma and explore it a little. We are considering it as "the place" we might want to come to spend our winters in the future. We have looked at several places (Tucson among them), and so far, we haven't found the spot that fits us.

We are staying at the same park where we stayed as we were traveling east. It's a nice park, but it is teamed up with an RV sales and service business, and so there is some pressure to look at RV's and also the irritating problem of gasoline-powered golf carts cruising the park looking for potential buyers. There is a Camping World next door, which would be very nice, except for the vultures swooping down on us every time we walk over there. Annoying to say the least. We are parked on the other side of the park from the sales people this time though, and so the golf cart traffic has slowed considerably. We do like the city of Tucson, however, and have considered it as a place to live if we ever were to decide we'd had enough of Oregon. (For my part, I doubt that will ever happen.)

So there are still lemons on the lemon trees, which is a thrill for me. I'm easily impressed. They have two nice swimming pools, and one is striped for lap swimming. The temperature is a little cool, however, and so I haven't really done any lap swimming. They also have two nice hot tubs. They aren't as big as the one in Las Cruces, but they are very deep. Chest deep for me. My worst pain in my shoulder has flared up and so I intend to take advantage of the hot tub very soon.

That's pretty much all I know for now. We'll be leaving again tomorrow for Yuma, and I'll let you know what happens then. We haven't been to Yuma except for when we lived in Phoenix and we traveled home to Oceanside and Vista in Southern California. We will be looking at it with fresh eyes this time. Back then, it was the first sizeable city on a very long drive to home. So, stay tuned for news about Yuma--exciting, I'm sure. Take care. Hugs all around.


Anonymous said...

Barbara, you might want to call ahead and make sure there's a space for you here in Yuma. At last report all the RV Parks were at about 99% occupancy...

Best of Luck - you should definitely consider Yuma as your new home.....

Greg Hyland, CPM
City of Yuma

Barbara said...

Thanks for the tip! Will do.

felix's dad said...

Thanks for the hug. :-)

We Oregonians want to keep you here!