Saturday, January 5, 2008

"I saw above me an endless skyway . . ."

We ran all over town today, which would have been impossible without the navigation unit in Mike's truck. We found the grocery store we liked (wish we had them in Oregon), called Raley's, and ran a bunch of other errands getting things we need for ourselves and for the trailer. The storm blew in as promised and it rained HARD for several hours. When we got home, we both took naps, and awoke to the most incredible sky as the enormous gray storm cloud blew past and a blue sky opened up. When I looked out the window, the whole world had taken on a sepia glow. And when I looked out the window on the other side of the trailer, I saw the most intense rainbow I've ever seen. It was hard to take pictures because of all the RV's in the way, but here are a few. One was taken of the sky reflecting in the big puddle of standing water on the road. Hope you enjoy them. They are a fairly accurate rendering.


We awoke to blue skies and sunshine. Actually, I woke up around 5:00 a.m. and saw stars and the most beautiful crescent moon. If I were a real photographer, I would have gotten up, set up my tripod and taken a picture of it. However, I'm more of a real sleeper-inner, and so I stayed in bed. As I write this, it seems to be clouding up, and so I don't know if our sunshine will last. More heavy rain was forecast, but I heard the rain last night, and so I don't know the status of the weather. The Weather Channel showed this part of the world as waiting for heavy rain. Time will tell I guess.

We had decided to stay here and ride out the storm, but when we woke up to sunshine, we talked it over and decided to stay anyway. We need to get some groceries. I haven't done any grocery shopping since before we left home. We've been living on the stuff I pulled out of the refrigerator at home. This morning I made up a list of meals, and we need to pick up a few things. I'm also finishing up the last of the laundry that accumulated while we were without electricity. I like the washer, however, it requires a new way of thinking about accomplishing the chore when the loads are required to be so small. It still beats the laundromat.

In our travels (and some of you have heard us say this), we have discovered that RV parks tend to be right next to the railroad tracks, or else right next to a busy freeway. So far, we've managed to elude both. But here in Lodi, we have trains on BOTH sides of us, and they come through about every 15 minutes. AND since there is an intersection, they also greet us by blowing their horns. They didn't keep me awake last night, but Mike said he heard many of them go by. We thought the traffic might die down after it got dark, but we were wrong. They kept up their 15-minute schedule all night.

We took another look at the map last night and we both agree that there is no way to get to Death Valley without going around the Sierra Nevada mountain range. I really want to go to Death Valley, and so the plan we made to go south to Bakersfield and then turn back north still stands. We'll be traveling on a California State highway down to Bakersfield (can't remember its number), and then meet up with US Hwy 395 and then to CA Hwy 190. I'm looking forward to our trip to Death Valley. I've been there many times when I lived with my parents, but we never fully explored the place beyond Scottie's Castle. We considered going to Mike's birthplace of Taft, California (which he says he's never visited--he left there when he was 2), but it's about 30 miles east of Bakersfield (out of our way), and so I don't think we will do that.

That's about all I have to say for now. Take care, and keep in touch!