Monday, January 7, 2008

Bakersfield, California

I believe we will make it to Death Valley today. We have realized from watching the forecasts that we were driving in the worst part of the three big storms that blew through Central California this week and the conditions were downright dangerous. We made the right decision not to cross the Golden Gate Bridge and to head inland, however, it was a decision to go inland and try to get out of the rain--not because we knew it would be dangerous. We have learned from this that we need to pay better attention to the forecast. We couldn't have stayed in Ukiah since I'm sure that place is completely underwater now, but we might have pulled off sooner had we known what we were into. In any event, it seems the worst is over now and we can head down the road with more confidence.

We're going to make a stop at Camping World to pick up a different fan for the bathroom. The one we have now sounds like a million hives of bees. Mike can install it on the road. After Camping World, we'll head up Hwy 99 to Hwy 190 and into Death Valley. I'm excited to see it. We hope you are all well. Take care.