Monday, January 14, 2008

Hemet Date Palms

After spending hours trying to upload my Death Valley web album, I gave up in disgust and went to the pool. I haven't been able to swim since before my first hand surgery back in November. I swam a few laps, sat in the hot tub, and sat in the sun. It was all heavenly. I'm such a water person that when I've missed it for so long, I feel as if I'm moving through satin. Ahhhhhhhh.

After that, I came back and gave the web album another try, and it worked! I was so excited that I created another to show you the beautiful date palms in Hemet. They are pregnant with dates and some have even fallen on the ground. If I were a date lover, I'd be in date heaven. But culinary preferences aside, I think they are very beautiful, and so I created another web album to show you.

I'm sort of learning as I go with this blog thing, and so now I'm thinking the web albums might be a better way to go than posting the pictures directly on the blog. I'll give you the link each time as each album has a different link. Be sure to check out the Death Valley album in the next post, and enjoy!

By the way, I'm wearing my sandals today. Mike told me to be careful not to get too wild.

Slideshow!! Not!

As I write this, I'm in the process of uploading my slideshow of Death Valley. I don't know yet if it will work. So, I'll leave it to you to decide if I was successful. If you see it, you'll know I was, and vice versa.

(Okay. This has been quite a process, and we've finally decided that I'm experiencing problems related to Google's Blogger rather than some problem that we can't figure out. Blogger was kind enough to tell me that it was experiencing some kind of internal confusion, or something to that effect. So I've posted the pictures to a web album, and this is the link:

Let's hope this works. And, of course, you can ignore all the references to a slide show in this post. It's been a comedy of error messages.)

We had a nice visit with Mike's sister yesterday. We had lunch at In 'N Out Burger, and Mike had his first In 'N Out. We've been searching for them all during our trip since passing into California, and we never seemed to find one at the right time. But here in Hemet, we have one right across the street from us. It seemed like a perfect occasion to try them out. I had one once before, and I thought they were great. We decided they were at least as good as our favorite, Carl's Jr., and we also decided that Carl's Jr. was a good stand-in. I have not been paid to make this announcement.

Meredith stayed for dinner last night, and Mike barbecued a tri-tip roast that turned out great. We walked through the park here, by that I mean the RV park. It's a pretty nice place--three pools, horseshoes, billiards, and our personal favorite, shuffleboard.

I had to pause there because my Norton firewall blocked the slideshow from uploading. Mike turned it off temporarily. The slideshow is in a file on my hard disk, and Norton blocked an attack on my computer from . . . my computer. My computer has been known to attack people before, but never itself. Hm. Must be the traveling that drove it mad.

Anyway, back to our personal favorite, shuffleboard. My grandparents used to winter over in Hemet from Nampa, Idaho. My grandfather was the shuffleboard king. I wonder if it's in my genes to become the new suffleboard queen. I'm not sure I'm ready to find out. Two of the pools are set up with volleyball nets. We heard quite a ruckus the other day with people yelling and cheering. Turns out they were playing volleyball in the pool. They also have sand volleyball, but the sand is hard so that shoes can be worn. Judging by the tread marks in the sand, that's how people do it.

We've decided to spend an additional two days in Hemet because a) it's very nice here in Hemet and in this particular park, and b) he needs to have some work done on things. When we were caught in traffic on the San Bernardino freeway, the trailer brakes didn't seem to be working right, and eventually, he nearly lost all braking power as the trucks brakes did all the work. He wants to have the trailer brakes inspected, and some other thing I don't know. This seems like a good place to stop for that sort of thing. (Still waiting for the slideshow.) The weather has been perfect, and we've been out in short sleeves for the first time since leaving home. It does get cold at night, however, and the furnace runs nearly all night long.

We're going to see the movie tonight with our friends, Ron and Lisa, and today during the day I'm going to hang out at the pool. We walked through that area yesterday and were surprised at the number of people who were doing just that. And . . . bonus! They were all older than I am. No bikini bathing beauties to make me feel inadequate in my 50-plus figure! So I'm all set to go swim around and hang by the pool with the other old people--emphasis on the "other," since I've become acutely aware that I fit into that category now--even if I am the youngest in the group. So I'm still waiting on the slideshow, but I'm going to stop writing now and wait. Hope all goes well at your end.

P. S. After amending my title, I've given up on the slideshow. On to Plan B.