Friday, January 25, 2008


We visited the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona this morning. After we were able to actually find the place on the huge U of A campus, we enjoyed the exhibit. However, it wasn't really what I expected. It was all black and white and from the WWII to 60's era. There was one interesting photographer who used an exacto knife on large sheets of brown butcher-style paper to cut circles and angles, then bent them and lit them to form shadows. Then he photographed them. Pretty interesting. Sorry I can't remember his name. Maybe someone knows. It was unique to anything I've ever seen before.

And then, because we walked right past the place, we visited the Arizona History Museum, which was very interesting. It covered the area around the Civil War into the early 19oo's. They had a stagecoach that was really fun to see. It even had the "strong box" and "steamer trunks" loaded on top. I can't even imagine what it must have been like to travel cross country in one. Sterner folk than I for sure.

After that, we were really filled up with reading little plaquards. I had a hard time seeing with my mono-vision contact lenses, and so I took them out and used my reading glasses--an improvement, but not really satisfactory vision. Then while I was visiting the "mercantile," which was actually a gift shop, Mike noticed a write-up of a little cafe and a picture of Eggs Benedict. Then he was all about getting some Eggs Benedict, so we went there for lunch. It was nearly 2:00, and so the place was empty. Very nice.

Oh yes, I wanted to mention how polite the students were at the U of A. When they saw us struggling with the map, they were kind enough to offer directions. It reminded me of when I visited Washington, D.C. ten years ago and received the same helpful treatment. There were other museums to visit at the University, but we had enough with the two we saw. We had talked about seeing the Mission, but I had run out of energy for that too.

We came home and I've studied the maps for the next leg of our adventure. We've kind of known what we were doing up to now, but from here on we'll be winging it. So the plan is to get an early start and drive to Las Cruces, NM. There is a nice RV Resort there that was recommended to us. We'll stay there a few days and during our stay we'll drive about 50 miles north to see White Sands National Monument. After we leave Las Cruces, we'll drive on to Carlsbad, NM, but on the way we'll spend a couple of nights at Guadalupe Mountains National Park. There is a campground in the park and since it is one of the "least visited" of the parks in the parks system, we figure we'll find room there. No hook-ups of course, and so we'll only stay one or two nights. (It'll give George a chance to get out of the trailer. The few times he's been out and willing to get off the step, he's headed in a straight-line due north. We figure he's heading for home.)

After that, we'll go on to Carlsbad, NM and spend a couple of days exploring Carlsbad Caverns National Park--my absolute favorite park (and I've seen a few, believe me). We've been there together before when we headed off on a three-day weekend from Phoenix. We drove into Lordsburg NM for the night on a Friday night (late--very late) and immediately got pulled over by some cops who were dying to show us their radar. We declined and they were very disappointed. Fortunately, we weren't ticketed, but we've always remembered Lordsburg for that little incident.

Then after that, we'll continue almost due south to Big Bend National Park in southern Texas. We will, no doubt, pass through a village that's missing its idiot. After that, we don't know, but probably on to Corpus Christi and maybe do some diving if we find any on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Hope all is going well with all of you.