Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ft. Stockton, Texas

We crossed over into Texas yesterday. We were in Texas in the Guadalupe Mountains, but we kept crossing back into New Mexico. Now we are in Texas and heading south. I've posted a few dumb pictures. The first is a picture of the Organ Mountains from our stay in Las Cruces. They were very pretty, but almost impossible to photograph because there didn't seem to be a single place in Las Cruces where the view wasn't trashed up with signs, power lines, or billboards. This shot was taken as we headed down the road. Also I felt I must post the picture of us crossing the Continental Divide some time back. And finally, the "Welcome to Texas" sign which also proclaims Texas as the "proud home of President George W. Bush." Hm. (. . . and on the other side, it didn't say nothin'. Now that sign was made for you and me.)
So we spent last night in Ft. Stockton, Texas, which seems to be only an RV Park. It must have more, but we certainly can't see it from where we are. The RV Park seems to be posted on the extreme edge of town. It has a little Cafe that serves frozen and canned food, and instant mashed potatoes. AND we had our choice of white or brown gravy on our potatoes. I wondered what made each the color that it was. The woman serving it up is cute as can be though, and so it makes it very difficult to complain about the food. She is too sweet. Anyway, I have the distinct impression that all of this is to keep outsiders out of town. Makes you wonder what goes on there.
So today we're on to Kerrville, Texas, where we have three free nights. I think I already told you about Mike fixing a guy's electrical problem, and so we were rewarded with three free nights. After that, on to Corpus Christie. We're not sure whether we will stay there or in a place called Port Aransas. There are nice RV Parks in both places. When we get there, we may stay for a full month if we like it. We decided against Big Bend National Park. Maybe another time. We've done quite a lot of hiking, and we are about hiked out. Big Bend is a big park, and it would have meant quite a commitment to see it all.
So that's all I have for you now. Most of the overnight rigs have pulled out, and we are generally the last ones to leave. We don't get up early enough. It does seem to be a part of RVing--getting up at the crack of dawn and going--and so we will think about working on that. Okay. We're thinking about it. So far, nothing is happening. Take care. Stay warm and dry.