Sunday, February 3, 2008

Kerrville, TX

We are in Kerrville for the next three nights (two, actually, since we have been here one night already). This is a very nice park. Mike earned three nights here because he helped a guy fix an electrical problem on his rig, and that guy owns the park. When we arrived, I was suspicious that the guy was pulling Mike's leg; but, indeed, he had called the park and told them we were coming. Cool! It really is one of the nicest parks that we've stayed at.

We are on the end spot, and our nearest neighbor is probably 50 feet away. There is also Goat Creek, a small river that runs along the side of us and we are near the water. The creek is stocked with fish for catch and release. We are not fisher people, but it's still nice that there is fishing here. There are pools (closed for the winter) and spas, basketball and tennis courts. They show three movies each night on their cable TV. We looked at the selections for the next three nights, and there wasn't anything we'd heard of. So we're happy to be here staying for free. We've discovered that many of these parks, this one included, offer daily trash pick-up. No trekking off to find the dumpster. They are really a lot like five-star hotels--only difference is that you bring your room with you.

Mike has been pretty insistent that he wasn't going to be doing any driving or hiking on Superbowl Sunday, and so it just worked out this way. It's quite warm here--the warmest place we've been so far. I think I might actually wear shorts today. Yesterday it was 80 degrees in the afternoon when we arrived.

So here are some things I have written in my notes to tell you: When we passed over into Texas, we also passed into the Central time zone. Now we are two hours ahead of you. Also, we've been driving through the Chihuahua Desert which seems to consist only of creosote bushes. When we were on the other side of the Guadalupe Mountains (in New Mexico) we were also in the Chihuahua Desert, but we saw a LOT of Soap Tree Yuccas. Now it is just the creosote bushes, and not very pretty. The roads have been excellent in Texas--even the concrete freeways that are the bane of Mike's existence.

I've been keeping track of our expenses for propane, diesel, and lodging. The highest price we've paid for diesel was $4.25 per gallon in Death Valley, and the lowest price was $3.09 per gallon. Generally, it has been running around $3.40 per gallon and always more expensive than premium gasoline.

It's nice to have a couple of days to just sit and rest. We've been hiking and driving ever since we left. Not complaining, mind you, it's been a lot of fun. I guess I'm saying that we've been having too much fun. When we leave here, we will be driving to Port Aransas which is 30 minutes from Corpus Christi. I read about Corpus Christi in the tour book, and it sounds a lot like Portland (without the snow). If you notice my response to Lisa, in the last entry, I've written a little bit about it. Since writing that comment, I've done some reading of the articles I've torn out of diving magazines and it sounds as if there will be some diving there--especially off the oil rigs. The description of the sea life we might encounter sounds just like the Caribbean. There is also the possibility to see whale sharks, which would be quite a treat. They are not meat-eaters--they eat plankton--but they are large like Beluga whales and so they would be the largest fish we have ever seen.

There is also a lot to do in Corpus Christi, including two aquariums. I love a good aquarium. We will also be able to tour the USS Lexington which is an aircraft carrier dubbed the "Blue Ghost" because it was reported by Tokyo Rose at least four times to have been sunk during WWII. The description of the tour sounds fascinating.

So that's about all I have to say for now. If I don't write between here and Port Aransas, it'll be because there isn't anything to tell you. We're just hanging out for the next couple of days. So, enjoy the game, if that's what you'll be doing. And if you're not, then just take good care.